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A five year gap

The last post to my old webpage was made on October 11, 2012.  Half a decade ago.  1/9th of my life ago.  I put the brushes down for a moment and it's taken this long to pick them back up again.  Not without good reasons, I tell you!  Four of those reasons are named Molly, Tessa, Quinn, and Wiley.  Raising rascals is not conducive to producing long uninterrupted stretches of solitude at the canvases.  As if that weren't enough, we also started a bakery.  I little side project at first, the bakery has grown to supply bread to over 70 of the restaurants, markets, and hotels on the Central Coast, as well as to our own cafe, The Back Porch Bakery, located in the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero, CA.  So I think I've got a decent excuse for taking a break.  But the itch has been there all along, so here's to getting back at it!  I've even got my own cafe in which to hang some work ... which is what I'm going to do first.

Speaking of that old webpage - - it no longer exists.  I've renamed it  In that five year gap the domain named lapsed.  When I tried to buy it back, GoDaddy told me it was unavailable.  What?  Who wants to buy my name?  Another Dan Berkeland?  I called GoDaddy to see what was going on.  The guy looked into and said, "ah, yes.  The Chinese bought it".  "The Chinese??"  What does that mean?  I guess it's big business to watch for lapsing domain names and then snatch them up to extort money out of the original owner. (I know that extortion is not the proper term, but the whole thing feels like some low key Jack Bauer scenario)  So anyway ...!!

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