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BOOKS I'M READING: 6000 Years of Bread

From the moment some Egyptian saw that stinking, stewing mass of bubbling wet flour and decided, “Hey, let’s bake that and eat it!” … to the cult worship of Demeter, goddess of the grain harvest, and her seasonal mourning of her daughter’s finagled relationship with Hades … to Jesus’ peculiar call to “take eat, this is my body” … to the Americas, where civilization flourished around an entirely different grain … to Marie Antoinette’s last ditch effort to “let them eat cake” … to the North’s wheat producing machine during the Civil War … and on and on through the science of mechanization and soil science and war.  

This book should be required reading for any bakery.  There are no recipes. It’s a history book. But if you’ve spent any time working on making good bread, this book will inspire a sense of purpose and give your task a deep historical significance.  And could certainly provide artistic fodder for many paintings to come (stay tuned!).

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